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The Pilates Station is the first choice among Pilates insiders in Thailand.

We design each program to fit your individual’s needs. You will take your pilates classes in small groups to create a personal atmosphere and promote great learning and interaction between students and our certified and friendly pilates instructors.

All Instructors at the Pilates Station are certified Pilates Instructors and dedicated to meet the varied needs of the students.

Patricia Duchaussoy, founder and master instructor of the studio, is well known for her abundant experience, high professionalism and her passionate and unique teaching flow. The renowned Pilates-Guru in Bangkok also created YogaFly in 2010.

Patricia is a pioneer in the field of body movement. She was the first to bring Pilates to the people of Bangkok in 2001 and two years later opened Thailand’s first Pilates facility, the “Pilates & Dance Studio” (aka Studio31).

Prior to her arrival in Thailand, Patricia was a professional dancer in Paris and London, performing for Saddler’s Wells Dance Company and famous choreographers such as Karine Saporta. During this time, Patricia was first introduced to the Pilates Method through Alan Herdman, an exponent of Joseph Pilates’ authentic technique and leading practitioner in the UK.

Patricia is a well-known certified Pilates senior master instructor. Her years of experience and a commitment to quality have made her one of the most highly regarded instructors in Thailand. People know her for her unmatched passion for body movement and her unique teaching manner.

Patricia was inspired to create Yoga-Fly in Bangkok in 2009. She started working on developing a method that would encourage everyone to discover the benefits of fitness while keeping the experience easy and fun. She realized many people don’t engage in exercise because they think it’s too boring or difficult.

In addition to training people at her studio in the arts of Pilates and Yoga, Patricia has provided professional fitness training to members of the Thai royal family and celebrities such as Eva Mendes, Christina Aguilar, Katreeya English and Gee Paiboonsuvan, who was trained by Patricia to be a certified YogaFly Instructor.

At the present moment, Patricia trains and certifies top instructors in Yoga-Fly and Pilates all over the world.





593/2 Sukhumvit Road

Ten/Ten Building, 3rd Floor.


(+66) 02 662 3341

(+66) 081 552 6735