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Medical insurance abroad is no longer a troublesome service for our diverse mobile employees as each of MSH INTERNATIONAL's regional headquarters in Bangkok, Calgary, Dubai, Paris and Shanghai has its own multicultural medical team providing our 300,000 insured members with local service that enables them to:

  • - obtain relevant medical information related to the treatment they have been prescribed,
  • - find out the best type of health practitioner to consult locally for a particular health concern,
  • - question our local medical teams about any health problem affecting their day-to-day life.

The 21 doctors which make up our five regional medical teams are all fluent in English and speak at least one other language. The variety of languages ¬čused by our medical teams (English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, French, etc.) allows us to communicate with any hospital and interpret medical reports in any language.

Dr. Rucha Sevikul

Doctor Rucha Sevikul in Bangkok is responsible for members residing in Thailand.  Originally from Bangkok where she got her Medical Degree and Pediatric Board from Mahidol University.   With over 15 years of experience in insurance business - on the hospital side as a UR Physician,  and currently as a Medical Advisor, she will be consulted by the Third Party Administration (TPA) team in Pre-certification, claims and underwriting management as well as giving advice to our insured members.

Dr. Amy Wang

Doctor Amy Wang in Shanghai is responsible for all of our members residing in Asia. Trained in China, she has a full grasp of the workings of the Chinese health system and can therefore operate across the entire region.
Doctor Wang is assisted by a team of 10 doctors who manage our regional medical network and advise our members. Two doctors in the team specialize in traditional Chinese medicine and can advise whether a consultation with this type of practitioner would be appropriate for a particular health problem.

Dr. Karen Dizon

Doctor Karen Dizon in Dubai is responsible for all of our members residing in the Middle East, Africa and Sub continent of India. Originally from the Philippines where she obtained her medical degree, she is principally in charge of hospital pre-certification agreements.
Doctor Dizon and her team of four doctors and a dentist (from Egypt, Pakistan, India and Sudan) are available to our members for advice on any emergency situation, anywhere in the region.

Dr. Diana Briceno

Doctor Diana Briceño in Calgary is responsible for all of our members residing in North and South America. She graduated in medicine in Colombia, where she was born. She looks after our Spanish-speaking members.
Two other doctors are in charge of hospital pre-certification agreements and claims management. One of them is from Venezuela and specializes in orthopedic medicine.

Dr. Annie Peytavin

Doctor Annie Peytavin in Paris is MSH INTERNATIONAL's Medical Director with responsibility for all of our medical teams around the world. A specialist in sports medicine who graduated in France, she has a team of two doctors to support all our members residing in Continental Europe.
Doctor Peytavin coordinates the medical teams across our four regional offices to ensure excellent service levels 24 hours a day.