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Health Insurance


Prevent high or even unaffordable medical fees
  • Unexpected medical events such as accidents and surgeries can happen anytime anywhere. Joining an international health insurance program guarantees you will get coverage when faced with expensive medical bills.
Provide fully comprehensive coverage
  • Apart from major medical risks, your regular health needs, such as prescribed medicines, dental care and vision care will also be provided.
Protect you and your family now: don't wait
  • Don't wait until you or your family suffer from a medical condition, then it may be too late to get covered by insurance. It is best to take the safe path and get healthcare coverage now, especially with rising medical costs.
Peace of mind whenever, wherever
  • Choosing the right international health insurance provider guarantees you'll always get the best possible healthcare from top private or public hospitals worldwide.
Premium services
  • Leading international health insurance providers, such as MSH INTERNATIONAL, have their own network of medical providers worldwide; they can advise, coordinate and follow up in order to help you access the best healthcare services.
Plans for expatriates
  • International health insurance providers, such as MSH INTERNATIONAL, offers healthcare plans for expatriates who are usually not covered by national health plans.
Payment without trouble
  • With the right international health insurance provider, such as MSH INTERNATIONAL, you get the advantage of direct billing and therefore you do not have to pay upfront for medical expenses.