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RELAIS' EXPAT at a glance

If you are under 65 years old and are going abroad for a minimum of six months, Relais’ EXPAT is your complementary health insurance solution that offers coverage in addition to your French social security benefits (CFE).

Choose from 4 levels of coverage:

We offer 4 levels of coverage based on the country of expatriation and your needs:

  • Indice 30
  • Indice 40
  • Indice 50
  • Indice 60
Medical assistance/ repatriation
Death and Disability
Age of insured members Under 65
Country of expatriation Worldwide excluding USA / Canada Worldwide Worldwide excluding USA Worldwide
Key points Flexible options Good quality / price ratio Flexible options Alternative medicine included High level of coverage Top of the range coverage
Comfort level * ** *** ****
Healthcare 100% of charges covered in case of consultations and hospitalizations
Annual limit of benefits €300,000 per person per year €500,000 per person per year €700,000 per person per year €900,000 per person per year
Included benefits Legal Protection Legal Protection Civil liability
Optional benefits Medical assistance/ repatriation Civil liability

Not sure what level to choose?

Find below a list of the countries per level of coverage.

Feel free to choose a higher level of coverage if you want to maximize your benefits.

Relais' Expat INDICE 30
Countries where healthcare costs are reasonable: Algeria, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia...
Relais' Expat INDICE 40
Countries where healthcare costs are intermediary: Argentina, Chile, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, Thailand, Venezuela...
Relais' Expat INDICE 50
Countries where healthcare costs are high: Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Greece, Lebanon, Netherlands (The), Portugal, Singapore, United Arab Emirates...(hors France et USA)
Relais' Expat INDICE 60
Countries where healthcare costs are very high: Brazil, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, USA, United Kingdom...