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Who can apply?
What are the conditions of residence?
Can groups apply? What are the conditions?
How much does it cost?
Are people with pre-existing conditions covered?
What is the minimum membership period?
What are the payment options & can I pay in installments?
When does my coverage begin?
What is the currency of the policy ?
Can I add more people to the policy?

What is not covered ? There are some medical events that we do not cover. We believe they do not diminish the benefits of our plans and by excluding them we can make the plans more affordable for everyone.

By excluding necessary risks (e.g. consequences of alcohol consumption) or expenses which are incurred due to personal preferences (e.g. cosmetic treatment) – medical costs can be minimized; thus ensuring the long term stability and affordability of our plan for all our members.

To see the full list of what is not covered, please go to our dedicated page: what is not covered?

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