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Our international healthcare insurance plans are designed to protect and support your mobile employees wherever they live in the world. Our aim is to simplify and secure the management of their healthcare benefits, regardless of their place of residence or stay!

Two levels of customization to satisfy your needs :
Modular offer : main advantages Tailor-made offer : main advantages

Rapid set-up:

  • of the policy
  • of the pricing proposal
  • of turnkey employee information

Fully customized offer:

  • optimized offers via consultations with various partner insurers
  • offer suited to complex organizational, regulatory and geographic factors inherent to international mobility
  • fully tailor-made communication tools
  • simplified offer: clear and direct information

Effective management of plans:

  • detailed statistical reports available upon request
  • tailor-made management of risk developments

Effective management of plans:

  • benefits constantly adapted to insured members' needs and costs observed
  • tailor-made management of risk developments

Attractive benefits

  • no waiting periods
  • no age limits
  • coverage of pre-existing diseases and congenital malformations

Attractive prices:

  • risk pooling

Attractive prices:

  • risk pooling

Please note that we generally recommend the tailor-made solution for companies with more than fifty mobile employees. Please contact us to discuss the solution that best suits your situation.

Modular benefits

Our healthcare insurance solutions include a wide range of flexible and personalized benefits:

  • Hospitalization : to cover the most expensive medical fees such as hospital care, physical therapy expenses, outpatient surgery, etc. These benefits include maternity cover and medically assisted procreation, according to the company's wishes.
  • Routine medical expenses : to cover all everyday fees - consultations with physicians or paramedical practitioners, prescription drugs, laboratory and medical imaging, X-rays, etc. You may add alternative medicine coverage to these benefits.
  • Preventive medicine : depending on your wishes, we will together define the coverage for vaccinations, anti-malaria drugs, preventive drugs and health checks.
  • Vision care : to cover lenses, frames, contact lenses and laser eye surgery.
  • Dental care : to reimburse dental consultations and treatment, bone grafting, periodontics, dental prostheses and implants and orthodontics, etc.
Effective management

These benefits are combined with a wide range of related services that are essential for your international employees:

  • Short reimbursement times
  • Reimbursements in more than 150 currencies
  • Direct pre-certification for all expensive treatment including hospitalization thanks to our broad worldwide network of healthcare professionals including more than 750,000 healthcare professionals in the USA and 6,000 hospital facilities outside the USA
  • Reimbursements granted on the basis of scanned supporting documents
  • Cost control through the internal reference base of "reasonable and customary costs", direct renegotiation of tariffs, the use of repricing networks in some countries and direct billing networks
  • Efficient synergies with assistance companies
  • Medical second opinions by more than twenty physicians at our five regional headquarters
  • Widespread direct payments worldwide
  • A multicultural team available 24/7at our five regional headquarters in Calgary, Paris, Dubai, Shanghai and Bangkok

Contact our team of sales experts to find out more about our Healthcare solutions.

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