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Annual Limit per Year & per Person $1,600,000
In-patient Benefits (Hospital Services)more Yes
Staying in hospital overnight or as a day case Private room $600 per day
Parent accomodation with an insured child under 18 $40 per day max 30 days
Day care treatment or Out-patient surgery Information Paid in full
Nursing care Paid in full
Operating room, medicine & surgical dressing Paid in full
Prescription drugs and materials Paid in full
MRI, PET & CT-PET scans Paid in full
Intensive care, intensive therapy, coronary care, dependency unit Paid in full
Surgical fees including anesthesia Paid in full
Reconstructive surgery following accident/eligible medical condition Paid in full
Specialist's consulations fees Paid in full
Diagnostic test - Pathology Xrays Paid in full
Organ and bone marrow transplant services Paid in full
Cancer treatment Paid in full
Hospice and palliative care $100 000
Psychiatric treatment (10 months waiting period) Paid in full for 20 days
Prosthetic implants & appliances Paid in full
Rehabilitation Paid in full for 30 days per medical condition
Nursing at home or in a convalescent home $1,000
Emergency dental treatment following an accident Paid in full
Local road ambulance service Paid in full
Hospitalization cash benefit $125
Treatment for HIV and Aids more Yes
Both in and out-patient. For inpatient: insureds must have 2 years continuous cover. Maximum coverage: 5 years. (24 months waiting period) $40,000
Treatment for Congenital Anomalies more Yes
Treatment for congenital anomalies which manifests itself after the day of entry Up to $125,000
Maternity and Childbirth Care more Yes
Normal pregnancy and delivery costs (10 months waiting period) Up to $9 000
Complications of pregnancy and childbirth (10 months waiting period) Paid in full
Newborn care (10 months waiting period) Up to $4 500
Out-patient Benefits more Yes
Pre-operative consultation & diagnostic procedure within 15 days from the admission & post hospitalization Paid in full
General practitioner fees & drugs Paid in full
Specialist fees up to $250 per visit
Out patient surgical procedure Paid in full
Lab tests, Xrays, diagnostic & pathology tests Paid in full
Vaccinations Paid in full
Prescribed medecine Paid in full
Chiropractic, osteopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture treatment, traditional Chinese medecine by a recognised practitioner, Up to $300 (20 sessions per year)
Prescribed physiotherapy, complementary therapies Up to 10 visits
Prescribed medical aids (hearing aids & orthopaedic appliances) Up to $ 500 per year
Routine health check up including screening for early detection (Full health screen, Mammogram, Papanicolaou (PAP) test, Prostate Cancer Screen) Up to $500 per year
Dental Treatment more Yes
Routine dental treatment (check up, basic treatments) Up to $3 000 with 20% co-payment
Major restorative dental treatment including orthodontic, prostheses brigdes, implants after 9 months of policy purchase (2 years for orthodontic and aged less 18 years for orthodontic) up to $3 500 per year with 20% co-payment
Vision Care more Yes
Including glasses, frames, contact lenses, laser treatment (9 months waiting period) Up to $ 800 per year
Psychiatric Treatment more Yes
Lifetime limit for all psychiatric care after 18 months of policy purchase Up to $5 000
Ancillary Charges $1,000 per condition
Chronic Conditions & Pre-existing Conditions COVERED
upon medical acceptance
Lifetime Renewal Yes
Emergency Medical Evacuation Yes

Paid in full Paid in full Covered Covered Not Covered Not covered

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