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Our business

MSH INTERNATIONAL is the healthcare partner of globally-mobile employees and individuals worldwide as well as high-net-worth individuals living in countries where healthcare systems are inadequate. Our services are designed for multinationals, international organizations and small and medium enterprises as well as individual expatriates.

We operate any time of day, anywhere in the world, and always with the same keen sense of premium customer service.


We advise multinationals, international organizations and small and medium enterprises on the design of international benefit plans including related services with high added value. We cover all international employees of businesses and organizations for healthcare, death and disability, medical evacuation and retirement regardless of their nationality, category of employment or whether or not they belong to a local healthcare scheme.

With total independence from insurers, assistance companies and other service providers, we design health & life insurance solutions complemented by a wide range of support services to closely match our clients' needs. We operate either on the basis of wholly customized solutions or by providing them with pooled packages that offer economies of scale.

We provide round-the-clock policy management for more than 300,000 insured members by means of :

five regional centres in Bangkok, Calgary, Dubai, Paris and Shanghai, all sharing the same integrated information system;
a multicultural team of more than 400 employees worldwide from over 45 nationalities speaking more than 30 different languages;
21 doctors working over four continents;
five teams dedicated to the development of an extensive network of healthcare providers;
an approach based on quality management (ISO 9001) including a workflow tool which allows us to track client queries and requests in real time.

We work with and support our clients as a true partner and leader of health insurance in Asia, helping them to control their expenditures. Detailed profit and loss accounts and access to healthcare networks are provided to all client companies. We offer to monitor and analyze their medical expenses thus helping them to better protect their health by means of appropriate prevention programs, including medical checks, wellness plans, and Employee Assistance Programs.