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MSH INTERNATIONAL Thailand is proud to sponsor THE PILGREENS


THE PILGREENS is an eco-friendly initiative taken from 3 students willing to show the world that electric power will be, in the long-run, the key energy to people's mobility.

THE PILGREENS will travel 20 000 km, from Bangkok (Thailand) to Toulouse (France) with an electric Tuk Tuk to promote cleaner sources of energy. They want to prove that electric power can fuel all your journeys. Whether it's a journey to the groceries or a road trip between friends, electric power can & should drive you, wherever and whenever.

This franco-german trio had this idea last year, when Karen and Ludwig moved in Bangkok for their double degree at Mahidol university. They wanted to try a tuk tuk and they were impressed by the speed it could reach. Both of them were really annoyed by the sound of tuk tuk’s in Bangkok and they told about it to the third member of the Pilgreens: Rémy. Since global warming has been a common cause for three of them, they decided to build this project.

It will take approximately 120 days to arrive in Toulouse and they will have to go through 16 countries: Laos, China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Turkey and then head to Europe.

While traveling in these countries, they will try to meet officials (ambassadors, city halls etc…) and try to convince them that the solution to prevent global warming is the use of sustainable energy. The purpose is to offer the opportunity to developing countries not to make the same mistakes as developed countries regarding pollution.

As for the Tuk tuk itself, his sources of energy will be electricity with two batteries and a solar panel. A simple plug is enough to recharge the Tuk Tuk, and they will ask help from inhabitants to get the electricity. As for their accommodation, they will knock on people’s door and see how it will go. The tuk tuk itself has been designed according to the Thai tradition but appeal to foreigners too. 

The success of this blueprint has been so important that they might even be present at the prestigious Cop 21 in Paris which is the place where the United Nations Conference for Global Warming will be held.

The Pilgreens will post videos of their trip online so don’t forget to follow them on social media (Facebook, Twitter), and to visit their website !